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What is Pacific Top Team Chilliwack?

Pacific Tope Team Chilliwack is an Affiliate Gym of Pacific Top Team which has has Schools and many happy members in Chile, California,  Burnaby, Langley, Richmond, Abbottsford, Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon, Kamloops and now even Hope, BC.


We strive to make a strong team through hard work in primary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but also offer Submission Wrestling AKA no-gi Jiu-jitsu, Boxing as the home of Chilliwack Boxing Club and we also have Ladies Kick-Boxing.  

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Fundamental classes are designed to develop and enhance the fundamental movements and basic techniques of BJJ. This class will challenge the absolute beginner as well as strengthen the seasoned practitioner. 
This class will teach basic BJJ positions as well as submissions and defences from each, with positional sparring to learn “real time” training. 
Great for all levels!!



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Once you have a basic understanding of fundamental positions and sparring, you will be invited to attend the advanced classes. 
These classes are the next step in your BJJ training. 
Deeper explanation and understanding of advanced techniques and chaining of submissions and full free flowing sparring.
Only for practitioners with a good understanding of fundamentals and a few months of consistent training. 



This class is specific to advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students as well as aspiring competitors. 
This class has little to no formal instruction with all rounds starting standing with the ultimate goal of “sharpening the sword”. 
This class will also have a BJJ specific conditioning component as well. 
Comp class is ideal for seasoned athlete as well as potential competitors.



Similar to both fundamental and advanced BJJ minus the formality of the Gi. 
Practitioners will train in shorts and shirt or similar. 
No-gi Bjj has a deeper foundation in wrestling while incorporating the submissions and positions of BJJ. 
Ideal for all levels of practitioners to diversify their training without the grips of formal BJJ. 



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